Schools & Departments

School of Liberal Arts   

(Fan Zeng Art Museum, ResearchCenter for Chuci, Institute of Zhang Jian)

School of Sciences

School of Marxism

 (Nantong Research Center for Integrity, Nantong University Base of Jiangsu Research Center for Theory System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics)

School of Economics and Management

 (Jiangsu Institute of Coastal & Yangtze River Development)

School of Educational Sciences

 (School of Teacher Education)

School of Foreign Studies

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

School of Life Sciences

(School of Ocean Sciences)

School of Mechanical Engineering

School of Information Science and Technology

 (Tongke School of MicroelectronicsAlibaba  Cloud Big Data AcademySchool of Computer Science and Technology)

( Jiangsu Key Laboratory of ASIC Design)

School  of Electrical Engineering

School  of Textile and Clothing

School of Medicine 

(School of Nursing)

(Center for Clinical Skill Training)

School of Public Health

School  of Sports Sciences and Physical Education

School of Art 

(School of Architecture)

School of Geographic Sciences

School of Transportation and Civil Engineering

(School of Transportation) (Institute of Transportation Engineering)

School of Pharmacy

School of Zhang Jian

Key Laboratory of Neuroregeneration

 (Department of Neuroscience, Co-innovationCenter of Neuroregeneration)

Institute  of Special Environmental Medicine

 (Department of Nautical Medicine, Institute of Nautical Medicine, Institute of Pain Medicine)

Research Center for Intelligent Information Technology