As the motto of Nantong University (NTU) goes, Bridging China and the West, Striving for the Best. It shows that the internationalization of its education and research has been always the principle for its development ever since its founding in 1912.

In the past years, NTU has been developing dozens of programs about dual degrees, teacher & student exchange, joint research and teacher training with more than 100 universities in 22 countries.

The education for international students started in 2005 and it has been developing very fast in recent years. Currently, programs for international students have covered dozens of majors at different levels of bachelor, master and PhD. There are now about 750 international students from over 30 countries studying in NTU.

Currently, many teachers and researchers from USACanadaAustraliaIranSpain and Japan are working in NTU, helping NTU with its internationalization.

In order to further its internationalization in talent training and joint research, NTU welcomes overseas universities, teachers, researchers and students to join NTU, to work together and grow together.

NantongUniversity is the place where you can make your dreams come true.