Humanity & Social Sciences

Hundred years of profound accumulation and long standing academic heritage created the ideological foundation and academic atmosphere of humanities and social sciences of NantongUniversity. Since its foundation, teachers and students of NantongUniversity have been reading, discussing, meditating and practicing on Mr. Zhang Qian’s idea of “ethical beauty and academic purity”. The rich cultural heritage, strong academic atmosphere, and free scientific research environment have attracted numerous scholars to study and research here.

In Nantong University, there are 7 schools of Humanities and Social Sciences, 1 Provincial Key Discipline of Humanities and Social Sciences, 3 Provincial Key Cultivation Disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences, 8 Provincial Key Humanities and Social Sciences Research Base, and 55 School Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Sciences, which have laid a solid foundation for conducting interdisciplinary research on regional economic and social development and focusing on national development strategies.