As a unit directly under Nantong University, Nantong University Journal Publishing Center was established in 2004 Sponsored by Nantong University, the five kinds of openly-published academic journals-the Journal of NantongUniversity (Social Science Edition), Journal of NantongUniversity (Natural Science Edition), Journal of NantongUniversity (Medical Sciences), Medical Journal of Communications and Anti-corruption and Integrity Culture Studies, which comprehensively display the scientific research achievements of the school, are important academic windows for the discipline construction of Nantong University.

The Journal Publishing Center has five editorial offices, namely, the Journal of Nantong University (Social Science Edition) Editorial Department, Journal of Nantong University (Natural Science Edition), Journal of Nantong University (Medical Sciences) Editorial Department, Medical Journal of Communications Editorial Department and Anti-corruption and Integrity Culture Studies Editorial Department. There are 16 members in the Center, 4 managerial posts and 12 editorial posts. Editors of all journals have a master’s degree or above, including 3 doctors and 4 seniors.