School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


There are four departments in School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering including Chemical Engineering Department, Environmental Engineering Department, Material Science Department and Chemistry Department with five undergraduate majors including chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, environmental engineering, polymer material and engineering and chemistry (normal major), all of which are entitled to grant bachelor’s degrees. “applied chemistry”, a university-level key construction discipline passed check and acceptance for first  university-level key disciplines in May, 2015. First-class discipline of “chemical engineering and technology” was listed as 2015 to 2017 university-level key discipline. In February, 2014, Professional program for master’s degree of chemical engineering was established and students started to be enrolled in 2105. There are Experimental   Center, Center for Performance Test and Research of Chemical New Materials, Nantong Key Laboratory of Water Pollution Control Technology and Nantong Key Laboratory for Research on Preparation Technology of Nitrogenous Heterocyclic Compounds. The school cultivates lots of superior high-level talents of chemistry and chemical engineering.

Theschool has 90 faculty members of whom there are 63 full-time teachers, including 19 professors, 31 associate professors and 16 lecturers; 47 doctors, 18 masters and 10 senior experimentalists. 

At present, there are 1250 undergraduates and postgraduates in the school, Students actively participate in social practice activities and various competitions, and have successively won the first and second prizes in the National English Contest for College Students, the first and second prizes in the First Physics Contest for Non-physics Majors of Jiangsu Province, the second and third prizes in the First Chemistry and Chemical Experiment Contest for College Students of Jiangsu Province, and two national invention patents. The social practice team of the school was awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Collective of Social Practice in JiangsuProvince” by the Provincial Youth League Committee. School graduates are widely welcomed by the society. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates is 100%, and they have been awarded with the honor of advanced collective of employment work of graduates in NantongUniversity for many years.