School of Marxism


Founded in May 2011, the School  of Marxism is mainly responsible for the teaching of ideological and political theory courses in the university as well as the discipline construction and postgraduate training of Marxist theory. At present, the school has undergraduate program in ideological and political education (normal education) and master degree program in the first-class discipline of Marxist Theory. There are Ideological and Political Education Department and 7 teaching and research offices, including Basic Principle of Marxism, Contemporary Chinese Marxism, Ideology and Morality, Law, Modern and Contemporary Chinese History, Clean Government Culture, Situation and Policy and 3 research institutes of Marxism of Contemporary China, Jianghai Citizen Morals and Sinology and the editorial office of Sudong Forum. Nantong  ResearchCenter for Clean Government and Nantong University Base of Jiangsu Research Center for the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics are affiliated to our School.

The School has a strong and well-structured faculty. At present, there are 71 faculty members (including 15 professors, 30 associate professors, 29 doctors and 35 tutors for master’s degree students).There are three outstanding experts in social science popularization in China, three backbone teachers and young and middle-aged academic leaders of the “Blue Project” in the province, and 1 person in the third level of the “333 Project” in the province; 1 specially-appointed researcher of Jiangsu Marxist Sinicization Research Center, 1 specially-appointed researcher of Jiangsu Research Center for Socialist Theory System with Chinese Characteristics, 2 members of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Steering Committee for Jiangsu Universities and 1 member of Jiangsu Anti-Corruption Expert Consultation Committee.

There are 169 full-time undergraduates and 78 postgraduates on campus,and the employment rate is over 99%.