School of Pharmacy


The School of Pharmacy was established on the basis of the Department of Pharmacology and the Department of Pharmacy of the former School of Medicine. The predecessor of the Department of Pharmacology originated from the 1938 National Institute of Pharmacology, Jiangsu School of Medicine. It began to recruit undergraduate students in clinical medicine in 1952, master students in 1984,,undergraduate students majoring in pharmacy in 2005, and master degree in pharmacy in 2010. The school has a Pharmacy Experimental Center with advanced facilities, including undergraduate teaching laboratory, Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Inflammation and Molecular Drug Targets, Nantong Biomedical Research Key Laboratory, Nantong University Pharmaceutical Research Institute and other teaching and research experimental bases.

The School of Pharmacy currently has two undergraduate majors in pharmacy and pharmaceutical preparation. At present, the school has 595 full-time undergraduate students and 106 graduate students. It has PhD program of pharmacy discipline, and master programs of pharmacy discipline, clinical pharmacy, pharmacology, pharmacy, medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, microbiology, pharmacognosy, and social and management pharmacy).

There are 69 full-time teaching staff, including 8 specially-appointed professors in Jiangsu Province, 12 specially-appointed professors of Nantong University, 67 full-time teachers with doctor degree (occupying 97% of full-time teachers), and 45 full-time teachers with overseas academic background (with internationalization rate of 67%). There are 18 professors/researchers and 36 associate professors among the full-time teachers, including 8 doctor tutors and 49 master tutors.

In the past five years, teachers of the school have presided over 109 projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels, including 59 National Natural Science Foundations and 26 nationally authorized invention patents; More than 200 papers included in SCIs have been published in core and authoritative journals at home and abroad. In November 2019, ESI’s Pharmacology and Toxicology reached to 1% in the world.   

The School of Pharmacy will keep pace with the development of the times, conform to the development trend of the pharmaceutical industry, and make new contributions to the cultivation of high-quality pharmaceutical talents with international vision and innovation ability.