School of Textile and Clothing


The history of School of Textile and Clothing can be traced back to the “Textile Dyeing School” founded by the famous national industrialist and educator Mr. Zhang Jian in Nantong in 1912. It has a glorious history of 100 years, and has trained a large number of textile technology and management talents for the country, including two academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, one vice-minister of the former Ministry of Textile and Apparel and several directors. In 1952, the “Textile Division of Nantong College” was merged into the “DonghuaTextile Engineering School (now Donghua University)”. In 1977, the School was rebuilt in Nantong. In 1985, it was upgraded to the Department of Textile Engineering of Nantong Textile Engineering School.

The school provides 6 undergraduate programsof textile engineering, light chemical engineering, non-woven materials and engineering, clothing design and engineering, clothing and clothing design and performance (clothing design and performance direction) and first-class-discipline master degree authorization program of textile science and engineering. There are nearly 1700 undergraduates and more than 50 postgraduates in the school.

There are 98 faculty and staff members in the school. Among the full-time teachers, there are 15 professors and 28 associate professors. There are 1 Chinese Crafts and Artisan Master, 5 senior engineers and 5 senior experimentalists.

The school has 1 experimental center and 1 engineering training center. It has 8 national, provincial and municipal science and technology platforms of the National & Local Joint Engineering Research Center for the R&D of Special Fiber Composites for Safety and Protection, the Textile Engineering Laboratory for Safety and Protection in Jiangsu Province, the Public Technical Service Platform for Textile New Materials Industry of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Jiangsu Province, and Chinese Research Center for Dyeing and Weaving Arts of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, Nantong Key Laboratory of New Carbon Materials, Nantong Public Service Platform for Textile and Garment Technology R&D and Product Testing, Nantong Research Center for Special and Functional Fibers and Application Engineering Technology, and 4 research institutes of Research Institute of Carbon Fiber Application Technology, Research Institute of Transportation Fiber Material Application Technology, Research Institute of Dyeing and Finishing Technology and Research Institute of Blue Calico  Art. In cooperation with many enterprises, the School has built “Jiangsu Dasheng Textile Engineering Technology Center”, “Yigu Garment Creation and Design Center” and “Tongdayun Garment Design Center” to serve teaching and scientific research. Teachers of the School devote themselves to scientific research and technological development. In the past five years, they have undertaken a number of provincial and municipal scientific research projects, of which more than 30 achievements have been awarded provincial and municipal prizes for scientific and technological progress.

The school has provided thousands of excellent senior talents for China’s textile and clothing industry. Many graduates have become the technological elite and leading backbone of the textile and clothing front. The graduate employment rate of undergraduate and graduate students is 100%.