Table Tennis

Li Ju was born on Jan 22, 1976 in Nantong, Jiangsu Province. She began to play table tennis at the age of seven; entered junior sports school in 1986; became a member of the Jiangsu Provincial Team in 1990; entered the National Youth Team in 1991; and joined the China National Team in 1992. She retired in 2001, but returned to the world competition in 2003. After retirement in 2005, she began to learn economics and management in ShanghaiJiaotongUniversity and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in 2010.

Li Ju's main awards and honors over the years:

1995: Women's Team Championship, Women's Singles Runner-up in the National Table Tennis Championships

1996: the 13th Asian Cup Women's Team Championship

1997: The 44th World Table Tennis Championship Women's Team Championship, Women's Singles Championship in the Finals of the International Table Tennis Federation Professional Tour, Championship of the Women's Team in the Eighth National Games

1998: Women's Chief Play of Ericsson China Table Tennis Arena Contest, Women’s Doubles Championship of China Table Tennis Star Game (along with Wang Nan), Women’s Team Championship and Women's Singles Championship of the 14th Asian Championships, Women’s Team Championship, Women’s Doubles Championship (along with Wang Nan), Women’s Singles Runner-up of the 13th Asian Games, National Championship Women's Team, Women's Doubles, Women's Singles Championship

1999: Women's Doubles Championship in the Finals of the International Professional Tour (along with Wang Nan), the Finals of Ericsson China Table Tennis Arena Contest Women's Singles Championship, Women's Doubles Championship of the 45th World Table Tennis Championships

2000, World Cup Women's Singles Championship, Sydney Olympic Games Women's Doubles Championship, Women's Singles Runner-up.