NTU Wins the National First Prize in 2022 RoboCom Robot Developers Contest


Recently, two projects of RoboCom 2022 Robot Developers Contest-- Emergency Express and Intelligent Orchard, were held online by Talent Exchange Center of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

After fierce competitions, the two teams jointly founded by the School of Zhang Jian and the School of Electrical Engineering got fruitful results: Team Chase, won national first prize in the Intelligent Orchard (Team members: Zhang Fan, Guo Yudi, Guo Luhao, Huang Yanming. Instructors: Fu Huailiang, Chen Hailong), and Team Go Buddy Go Go, won national first prize in Emergency Express. (Team members: Hu Chunhong, Yan Suyuan, Shi Kezhi, Yu Chenyan. Instructors: Mao Jingfeng, Zheng Junqiang).