Research Results of Team led by Dr. Wu Zengqiang Published in Internationally Renowned Journal


Recently, an academic paper entitled PNP Nanofluidic Transistor with Actively Tunable Current Response and Ionic Signal Amplification by the team of Dr. Wu Zengqiang from the School of Public Health was published in the internationally renowned journal Nano Letters, with Nantong University as its first employer. Dr. Hu Yulin from School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Hua Yu, the postgraduate student from School of Public Health, are the co-first authors.  Dr. Wu Zengqiang from the School of Public Health and Prof. Xia Xinghua from Nanjing University are the co-corresponding authors.

Based on the principle of neural synapse, a nanofluidic device with neural switching response has been developed for the first time, which has realized ion signal amplification and transmission at low voltage, and provides a new method for designing nanofluidic devices with logic control. Such method can be used for ultra-sensitivity analysis and simulation of information transmission of biological systems.

Nano Letters, a famous journal of Material Science published by American Chemical Society (ACS)  focuses on the most cutting-edge basic research results in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is included in the Nature Index and categorized into Q-1 in CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and JCR (Journal Citation Reports), with an impact factor of 11.189 in 2021 and 2022.