Research Results of Team led by Dr. Shen Xiaowei Published in Internationally Renowned Journal


Recently, an academic paper entitled Interfacial Microextraction Boosting Nitrogen Feed for Efficient Ambient Ammonia Synthesis in Aqueous Electrolyte by the team of Dr. Shen Xiaowei from the School of Electrical Engineering was published in the internationally renowned academic journal Advanced Functional Materials, with Nantong University as the first employer.

As a carbon-free fuel, ammonia is considered to be an important green energy and one of the most attractive energy carriers for stationary and mobile energy terminals. It is not only a sustainable fuel to support the construction of new power system, but a promising hydrogen carrier as well. Therefore, developing new technologies to realize the green synthesis of ammonia is of great significance to a new power system.

With an impact factor of 18.808, Advanced Functional Materials is one of the most influential international journals of Functional Materials Research categorized into Q-1 in CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) and JCR (Journal Citation Reports).