Chemistry Discipline of NTU Tops 1% of ESI


The chemistry discipline of our university tops 1% of ESI for the first time according to the ESI data in September issued by Clarivate, an international third-party evaluation organization, on Sep. 9th, 2021. It is the second discipline entering the list this year after the selection of biology & biochemistry in May.

Statistics show that 840 papers underchemistry discipline of our university were included during the past decade, with a total citation of 8,818 times and an average of 10.5 per paper. That produces the 2nd place among the 5 newly selected universities.

The top 1% in ESI of chemistry marks the first breakthrough about science disciplines in ESI for our school. So far, this university boasts 6 subjects in the top 1% of ESI, ranking 8th among the high-level universities in Jiangsu Province. Besides, the potential value of material science as the most promising ESI subject has reached 94.63% and that of molecular biology and genetics has increased to 83.63%. Entering the list of top 2‰ in the world, the university now ranks 1,449 based on its comprehensive strength, an increase of 158 places compared with last year.

Since the convening of the Third Party Congress, the university has been upholding the high-quality development led by the construction of first-class disciplines and adhering to the principles quality as the foundation, connotation the core to make important breakthroughs.

As a result, the faculty and students have developed a deeper comprehension of the importance of discipline construction in the development of the university and poured a greater enthusiasm and initiative into the subject construction. Thus, remarkable progress has been made, with the accelerated pace of building NTU into a high-level university.