School of Medicine


School of Medicine of Nantong University (School of Nursing) is the predecessor of Nantong Medical School. It originated from the private Medical Institute of Nantong founded by Zhang Jian and his brother in 1912. It is one of the earliest medical colleges in China.

The school has 19 departments, 21 teaching and research offices, 334 faculty and staff, including 256 full-time teachers, 65% with doctoral degrees. There are 91 doctoral tutors and 792 master tutors.

The School has formed a multi-form school-running pattern of undergraduate education, postgraduate education, overseas student education and adult education. There are 7 undergraduate majors including clinical medicine, stomatology, medical imaging, bioinformatics, therapeutic recreation, pediatrics and nursing. Among them, clinical medicine and nursing are National first-class undergraduate programs under construction. The school began to recruit overseas undergraduates in 2005 and overseas postgraduate in 2015. At present, there are 4401 full-time Chinese students l, including 3278 undergraduates and 1123 postgraduates, and 314 overseas students, including 298 undergraduates and 16 postgraduates.

At present, the school has 1 national key discipline cultivation and construction program, 1 dominant discipline in Jiangsu Province, 2 key disciplines at first level in Jiangsu Province, 2 doctoral degree programs of  the first-level disciplines, 5 master’s degree programs  of the  first-level disciplines and 2 post-doctoral research stations. It has one experimental teaching demonstration center at national and provincial (Jiangsu) level, 1 experimental teaching center of virtual simulation at national level, 1 key laboratory in JiangsuProvince and 2 key laboratories in Nantong City. It also has a basic medical research center, a clinical medical research center and 15 school-level research institutions.

At present, the School has 1 national-level excellent course, 1 national-level sharing course of excellent resources, 5 excellent courses in Jiangsu Province, 1 online open course in Jiangsu Province, 1 Brand Course Taught in English for International Students by the Ministry of Education, 3 all excellent courses taught in English in Jiangsu Province, 1 national-level excellent textbook and 1 planning textbook. It has been awarded 2 special prizes, 1 first prize and 3 second prizes for teaching achievement at provincial level.

In recent years, the school has been awarded a number of scientific and technological awards, such as the National Second Prize for Technological Invention, the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation’s Prize for Science and Technology Progress, the first prize for Scientific and Technological Progress in JiangsuProvince, etc.It has been presiding 146 national scientific research projects, 45 provincial and ministerial scientific research projects, 125 invention patents; and issued 3000 papers, more than 1000 of which were included in SCI.

The graduates from the school are famous for their solid foundation, strong practical capability, diligence, and innovation spirit. A number of outstanding alumni, represented by academicians of the ChineseAcademy of Sciences and ChineseAcademy of Engineering, Yangtze River Scholars, and recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholarsl, have emerged and made efforts to national medical and health undertakings.