School of Foreign Studies


There are 176 faculty members including 162 full-time teachers in School of Foreign Studies. There are now 9 professors, 57 associate professors, 87 teachers among whom 19 are master supervisors (not including off-campus supervisors), 47 are doctors (including doctor student), and 106 are masters. There are 10 to 12 foreign teachers l. There are now 979 full-time undergraduates, 71 master students and 450 part-time adult students. There  are  three departments including English Language Department, Japanese Language Department and Public Foreign Language Teaching Department with 8 teaching and research offices and 4 university level centers including Australian Studies Center, Center for British and American literature, Center for Foreign Linguistics and Center for Compilation and Translation of Humanities and Social Sciences and 3 school level research Institute including Institute for Literature and Translation, Institute for Linguistics and Institute for Minor Languages. There are university-level key disciplines of English language and literature, first-class discipline program for master’s degree of foreign languages and literatures and English discipline program for master’s degree of education.

In recent three years, teachers of the School have more than 100 papers, 2 textbooks and 16 monographs and translations published per year. The school undertook 128 teaching and scientific research projectsat the university level and above, 57 teaching and scientific research projects at the municipal department level and above including 3 national projects and 11 projects at the  provincial department level as well as 64 crossing research projects.

The school has developed extensive international communication, signing cooperative exchange projects with many overseas universities. More than 100 teachers have been to foreign universities as visitors and over 60 students have studied abroad in recent three years.

The achool has made efforts to cultivate talents in various fields with solid foundation, innovative ability and high sense of social responsibility. The employment rate of graduates of the School reaches 100%.