School of Educational Sciences


The School of Educational   Sciences (School  of Teacher  Education) is a school characterized by teacher education. It carries out the motto spirit of “Bridging China and the West Striving for the Best”, upholds the school-running idea of “learning with both emotion and ability, and learning with great virtue”, and trains a large number of high-quality teachers for basic education.

At present, there are programs for master’s degree and professional master’s degree at the first-level discipline of pedagogy. There are four undergraduateprograms: primary education, pre-school education, applied psychology, educational technology and so on. Primary education program was awarded the National Excellent Primary School Teacher Training Project (school), the first phase of Jiangsu University Brand Professional Construction Project, and pre-school education program was awarded the Jiangsu Excellent Teacher Training Project (school). At present, there are 1478 full-time undergraduates, 216 postgraduates.

There are 5 departments including Primary Education Department, Pre-school Education Department, Practical Psychology Department, Educational Technology Department and Teachers’ Education Department, 1 experimental center and 3 provincial research base and experimental training centers including “Jiangsu Research Center for Advanced Individuals”, “Psychological Experiment Center of Nantong University” and “ Skill Training Center for Teachers’ Education of Nantong University”. 

Currently, there are 79 faculty members Staff with senior titles accounts for 77% of full-time teachers and 40 doctors for 61.5%. 2 teachers are named as young backbone teachers of Jiangsu   Province and 2 are selected to participate in “333 Project for Training of High-Level Talented Person”.

In recent 5 years, the School obtained 10 projects of National Fund for Philosophy and Social Sciences and National Education Sciences Planning, 27 key projects for National Education Sciences Planning of Education Ministry and projects of Fund for Humanities and Social Sciences of Education Ministry and Fund for Philosophy and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Province, 38 projects of Education Sciences Planning of Jiangsu Province and projects of Humanities and Social Sciences of Jiangsu Education Department. The School also published 516 papers in journals of provincial-level and above and 49 monographs and textbooks.

The School emphasizes training of theoretical knowledge and ability of social practice and innovation for students, establishing more than 20 laboratories, over 30 teaching practice bases. Students of the school won golden award of China College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition in 2016, third places of the Eleventh and the Thirteenth “Challenge Cup” National Competition for Undergraduate Curricular Science and Technology Works. As their comprehensive quality improves, graduates are popular with the society and praise by employers because of “high professional level and strong comprehensive ability” with average employment rate of over 95%.

Recently, the school started  exchange programs at the undergraduate and postgraduate leves  with overseas universities such as ConcordiaUniversity and JacksonStateUniversity of the US.