School of Sciences


The School of Sciences of NantongUniversity is composed through combination of the Mathematics, Physics and Applied Mathematics of the three colleges, including NantongMedicalCollege, NantongEngineeringCollege and NantongNormalCollege, and  is one of the first schools  set up after the establishment of NantongUniversity in 2004. Insisting on taking discipline construction as the leading task, teaching as the center, the School focuses on the expansion of students' knowledge and the cultivation of their innovative abilities. The School adheres to market-oriented education, actively promote teaching reform, actively adapt to the needs of economic and social development, and strive to cultivate interdisciplinary talents required by today's social and economic development needs and the teaching quality has been steadily improved.

The School now has 155 faculty members, including 128 full-time teachers, 18 professors, 67 associate professors and 8 senior experimentalists. 96% of the faculty members have doctor’s or master’s degrees. The School employs Li Daqian and Yang Le as part-time professors and several academicians and well-known experts as visiting professors.Through the exchange of senior visiting scholars, cooperative research, resource sharing and other forms, the School continuously expands the field of academic research and exchange to improve the strength of scientific research of disciplines and the level of school running. In the past five years, it has made remarkable achievements in teaching reform and teaching research. During the 13th Five-Year Plan period, our teachers published 180 SCI and EI papers as the first author (or corresponding author) and obtained 17 projects supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China and Social Science Foundation; we have obtained 1 subproject funding for major national projects and 6 provincial projects; we have won a number of provincial and municipal scientific research progress awards.

The School has six undergraduate majors: Information and Computing Science, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Applied Physics, Photoelectric Information Science and Engineering and Applied Statistics. Among them, for the Mathematics and Physics, there is master degree granting right. The School has a provincial Physics Experiment Teaching Center with an area of 5,600 square meters and equipment worth about 7.4 million yuan; a modern mathematical modeling laboratory with professional software worth hundreds of thousands of yuan. Insisting on the road of “seek survival by quality and seek development by characteristics”, the School has cultivated students to have a solid foundation, strong practical ability and high comprehensive quality. Most of them have become the technical backbone of their organizations after graduation. Many graduates have taken leading positions in provincial and municipal enterprises and public institutions and enjoy good reputation in terms of school-running both inside and outside the province.

The School now has 1220 undergraduates and 59 postgraduates on campus. In recent years, we have won many awards in national and provincial “Challenge Cup”, Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling, Basic Teaching Skills Competition for Normal University Students, Physics Competition for College Students, Physics Innovation Competition for College Students and Advanced Math Contest. Every year, a considerable number of students in our School are admitted as postgraduates by famous universities in China. Graduates have a solid professional foundation, a wide range of knowledge and strong practical ability, so they are very popular with employers. In recent years, the average employment rate of graduates has exceeded 98 percent and the admission rate for the postgraduate entrance examination in 2018 reached 24 percent, a record high.

 (Data is as of April 2019)