School of Liberal Arts


Founded in March 1958, the School of Liberal Arts has experienced three stages: the Chinese Department of NantongNormalUniversity, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature of Nantong Normal University and the School of Liberal Arts of Nantong University. The three stages  demonstrated four school-running levels:two-year and three-year college education from 1958 to 1984, undergraduate education from 1985 to this day, postgraduate education since 2007, and building of first-class discipline doctoral program for Chinese Language and Literature was permitted in 2010.

The School of Liberal Arts has 118 faculty members, including 97 full-time teachers, 35 professors and 39 associate professors. There are 75 teachers with doctoral degrees.There are 48 master supervisors and 1 famous national-level teacher. There are more than 1600 undergraduates and 120 postgraduates on campus.

The School of Liberal Arts now has Chinese Language and Literature, Chinese Language and Literature (normal), International Education of Chinese Language, Secretarial Science, Journalism, History (normal) and other majors. Chinese Language and Literature is the characteristic major construction site of national-level institution of higher education, the brand major of institution of higher education in Jiangsu Province and History is the characteristic major of institution of higher education in Jiangsu Province. Chinese Language and Literature (Chinese Language and Literature, History) is a key major of institution of higher education in the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” in JiangsuProvince. The teaching team of Ancient Chinese Literature is the excellent teaching team of national-level institution of higher education, institution of higher education in Jiangsu Province and teaching team of History is the excellent teaching team of Nantong University. We won 1 second prize for national teaching achievement and 1 first prize for teaching achievement in Jiangsu Province.

Chinese Language and Literature have been granted the qualification to confer master’s degree in first-class disciplines, including 7 second-class disciplines: Ancient Chinese Literature, Chinese classical philology, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature,Chinese Language and Linguistics, Linguistics and Applied Linguistics,Literature and Art,Comparative Literature and World Literature. In addition, there are also two master programs of professional degree of pedagogy: Chinese and History. Chinese Language and Literature is a key discipline in the 11th, 12th and 13th Five-Year Plans in Jiangsu Province. It has a key base of philosophy and social science in Jiangsu Universities (Research Center for Chuci), a key construction base of philosophy and social science in Jiangsu Universities (East Asia Culture Research Center), Fan Zeng Art Museum and Zhang Jian Research Institute.

In the past five years, teachers have published more than 300 papers in authoritative journals such as Literary ReviewLiterary HeritageHistorical ResearchZhongguo Yuwen and more than 70 monographs in publishing institutions such as  Zhonghua Book Company, The Commercial Press. Currently, we are taking charging of 32 national social science fund projects under research, including 1 major project; 46 provincial projects under research. We have won the National Teaching Achievement Prize (the 2nd Prize).

The School promotes the Quality  Project greatly and attach great importance to cultivation of students’ overall quality.  The graduates from the school are very much welcome by employers. The school has won the Gold Award of the National Youth Entrepreneurship Competition, the Silver Award of the China Youth Public Welfare Competition, and the second prize of Educational Management Innovation for College Students in Jiangsu Province.